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Alanna Gardner, MFT

Individual, Couple & Family Therapist

Alanna Gardner is a relationship expert, fitness trainer, and an overall lover of health and wellness. With over 10 years in the field of mental health and 5 years in boutique fitness;Alanna utilizes her expertise to create targeted and effective strategies to improve the quality of life of individuals, leadership, and corporations both at home and in the board room as a therapist and corporate wellness coach. As a heart attack and open heart surgery survivor, Alanna knows what it takes to navigate, survive, and THRIVE during a crisis and challenges her clients do the same. 

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Danielle Massi, M.S., LMFT

Spiritual Psychotherapist, Founder of The Wellness Collective PHL

Danielle Massi, LMFT is a the owner of The Wellness Collective, a holistic psychotherapy practice in center city specializing in  mind/body/spirit wellness.  After her spiritual awakening, Danielle began integrating channeling and intuitive guidance into her work, merging science and woo seamlessly. Her signature program, Group Therapy For Light Leaders, helps spiritual entrepreneurs heal generational and ancestral trauma, and guides them towards finding their universal assignment. Danielle has written for and been featured in the Huffington Post, and has been featured on major news outlets like CBS Philly and Fox29 Philly as an expert in her field.


Keri Lyn McGinn, Excavating the Girl

Owner of Halcyon Floats

Keri is the Founder and Owner of Halcyon Floats Floatation Therapy Studios in Philadelphia. As a Transformational Float Guide, Keri focuses on facilitating healing and personal growth with her clients. Keri’s story is one of triumph through adversity, and her passion is in lighting a path to help others navigate through their struggles as they journey to become their higher selves.


Dana Weachter, MS, NCC, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Dana believes we all can succeed in happiness if given the tools needed. She has the tools to assist in finding that happiness in yourself, relationships, and life. She has been working in the field of psychology for 20 years and works with individuals, couples, and families.

Her specialties include (but are not limited to) anxiety, depression, marriage issues such as infidelity and sexual problems, postpartum/peripartum depression and challenges with every day life. She also works with the LGBT community.

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Dianne Furphy, Kreate What U Want

Art Therapist, Psychotherapist, and Artist

Dianne is an art therapist and psychotherapist in the mental health profession currently working in an outpatient setting. Using art and mindfulness as a healing modality, Dianne transformed her life from dark to light. She believes our internal world is a reflection of our external world and that everyone is capable of transforming. Dianne is passionate about helping others heal internal wounds and creating new life patterns and behaviors through art and mindfulness. Outside of the therapy world, you can find Dianne creating her own art and teaching and doing art with kids, teens and adults.

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Cara Rossi, Financial Specialist

Assistant Vice President of Business Banking, Citizens Bank

Cara is a commercial banking specialist with over 20 years of banking and credit experience who has extensive knowledge of lending and SBA programs for various industries.


Carlee Myers, Stress Management Mentor

Founder of The Stress Less Company

Carlee is an expert at helping professionals who feel overworked, overwhelmed or on the verge of burnout relieve stress so they can find more joy at work, home and beyond. As the founder of The Stress Less Company, Carlee has helped hundreds of women (and a few brave men) across the country take action to reduce stress through coaching. She believes there is no-one-size-fits-all when it comes to stress management. Her work has most recently been featured through media outlets such as Good Day Philadelphia, FOX 29, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philly Mag and Whoolly Magazine.

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Kellie Cathey, LSW

Child & Family Therapist

Kellie is a Child & Family Therapist and Owner of Playfully Me Child & Family Play Therapy. Her practice offers a variety of services to help you and your child thrive in the world. Each service is crafted around what you need, what your family needs and what our community needs to raise happy, resilient children. Kellie's passion is helping families create more happiness in their home by discovering how to connect more deeply, set kind and firm limits, and become more in touch with each person's needs.


Emily Capelli, MS 

Psychotherapist, Owner of Body Love Therapy

Emily is a psychotherapist and professor in Philadelphia specializing in body shame, eating disorders, and trauma. She uses treatment modalities that are person-centered and aimed to treat the root of these issues, providing a deeper mechanism for healing. She has worked in inpatient, outpatient, intensive outpatient, and now in her practice in East Falls.


Sarah DeGeorge, Mindfulness Mentor

Digital Marketing Specialist

Sarah is a digital marketing strategist who works in public relations, paid and organic marketing, and social media marketing and management to help small businesses find their authentic voice for their audience. When she isn't working on digital marketing strategies, you will find Sarah on a long walk, reading, or working in animal rescue and rehabilitation.

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Megan Tahan, Certified DISC Facilitator

Owner of Profound Movement

Megan Tahan is the Founder of Profound Movement and a yoga/fitness instructor in the Philadelphia area. Her special interest in Leadership Development led her through a career in Human Resources, which revealed the need for people to find balance in their lives. Megan's approach offers tools to de-stress and become more effective as individuals strive to achieve their goals. Megan's goal is to help people find better ways to communicate, focusing on problem solving and managing conflict. She is a certified DISC facilitator and helps people analyze their communication tendencies to then tailor their response to be harmonious with different personality types. Megan also incorporates Mindful Movement into corporate training, which focuses on movement, breath-work and meditation applied to the corporate setting. Megan understands that fitness is never “one size fits all”, and takes that same approach using situational leadership.

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Colleen St. Michaels, Angel Intuitive & Spiritual Guide

Owner of Angel Wisdom

Colleen is a renowned Angel Intuitive and Spiritual Medium. In partnering with spirit and angels, she delivers messages with compassion, sharp intuitive insight, and compassion as a clear channel into the divine. She respects and encourages the greatness in all of us and is passionate about teaching others how to use the tools of self-love and develop their own intuitive muscle, creating a connection into the invisible realms.

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Kira Yakubov, MFT

Individual, Couples, and Sex Therapist

Kira is an Individual, Couples and Sex Therapist in the Philadelphia area where she owns her Private Practice. She helps clients struggling with anxiety, self worth, relational distress and cross cultural challenges, gain powerful insight into how their past experiences and relationships are continuing to hold them back today from living an authentic and fulfilling life that they deserve. Transformative healing begins with developing self awareness, mindfulness and becoming compassionate with ourselves and others. As an immigrant herself, raised in a culture that is oppressive towards women's roles and sexuality, she is passionate about helping clients find and assert their voice without shame.

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Pamela J. Campbell

Life Coach & Motivational Speaker

Trained in Transformational coaching and teachings, Pamela helps people learn how to rewrite a new story despite fear based on her "From Pain to Possibility" Workshop. She specializes in transformational work and supporting others to tap into their superpowers so they can create new possibilities in their life. Pamela shares her journey of learning how to accept and receive love, confronting who you are, tapping into the power of choice, and working through trauma and pain physically and emotionally.

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