About the Founder

"I survived what I didn't think I would, and I continue to

still stand here for you and for myself."

Daniela Galdi, a Health Mentor, Entrepreneur, and Artist, is the founder of Still Standing Together, an empowerment community supporting individuals through their struggles and challenging circumstances in order to help one another move forward with hope and happiness during these times.  


Daniela’s own struggle with anxiety, depression, and panic attack illnesses led her to spreading awareness on mental health therapies and solutions. Her mission through Still Standing Together is to connect people and get them talking to one another by sharing their messages of overcoming obstacles, managing and rising above them everyday.  You can learn more at danielagaldi.com.

Our Vision

Our vision spans far.  We hope to continue to bring people together through all of our resources.  We aim to build a safe space and platform for individuals to grow.  We provide comprehensive opportunities for each person to maintain, sustain, and balance their overall health and wellbeing. 


With all of our contributions, we want to support people in being seen and heard, spreading kindness, supporting awareness of the importance of improved mental health within organizations and defeating stigmas within society.  We continue to teach understanding and reach for accessibility in a variety of ways so we, as a whole, no longer feel limited in the resources available to them or in the sensitivity towards illness and emotional management.

Still Standing June 2019