Supportive Self-Discovery, Honest Conversation and Endless Encouragement

An empowerment organization offering support to motivate womxn by connecting womxn with professionals, therapies, resources, solutions, and other womxn who can relate while raising awareness and breaking the silence on mental health.


We Help You Get Back On Your Feet

We are an empowerment organization who aim to provide an open and supportive community for womxn. Our mission is to inspire to grow past struggles and challenging circumstances while providing educational tools, events and resources. You will find the support and encouragement you need.

Still Standing Together 2019
Still Standing Together 2019
Still Standing Together 2019
Still Standing Together 2019
Still Standing Together 2019


Ongoing Support


Find Courage Through Others' Struggles to Success

At Still Standing Together, we offer an unparalleled support network that’s tailored to the changing needs of our community. Our Support Groups + Workshops are at the core of our offering, helping community members get back on track.

Our Support Group Leaders are professionals who provide guidance on how to overcome challenges through well-defined strategies and emotional empowerment. We stay connected and continue to track progress by following up with attendees throughout their journey with our Still Standing Podcast, online community on Instagram and Private Facebook Group.


Hear from Support Leaders, Attendees, & Exclusive Interviews for Motivation and Tools to Move Forward

Through the Still Standing Podcast, you'll hear interviews from our support group + workshop group leaders providing deeper insight to help guide you on the next steps in your healing process as well as other contributors to help you through your journey. 

Listeners will hear a recap from event themes.  Interview topics are derived from attendees' feedback, self-discoveries based on the application of tools learned through the support group + workshop or questions we observe in the world that need answers and bring about support to manage our wellbeing.


Wearable Motivational Affirmations

Start your day with confidence and motivation or end it with reassurance and pride. Our Support & Self-Empowerment Apparel are your personal daily reminder that no matter what struggles, obstacles or challenges facing you, you are still standing strong.  


10% of purchases goes towards our Still Standing Together Grant for Womxn.  Our annual Still Standing Together Grant offers empowering assistance and offsets financial costs to strengthen the recipient's personal development. 


Ongoing Positive Media

We want to use social media to help rather than harm our mental health so we share empowering messages of acceptance, love and understanding through our Instagram platform.  It's our way of bringing a smile to your face and strength to your mind.  We love sharing quotes, emotional support, self-reflection, event updates and spotlights of our strong, growing community.


On January 25, 2020, we held our First Annual Women's Support Summit in Cherry Hill, NJ bringing together all of our Support Group Leaders from 2019 to offer mental health guidance to our courageous attendees and award our first Still Standing Together Grant.  

"My favorite takeaway was gaining a sense of calm and tranquility with my thought processes afterwards. I have always felt like I was being too hard on myself with my work, but knowing I was not alone brought on a sense of pride with how far I’ve come regardless of how long things take, money, etc."

Getting Back on Your Feet in Career & Business, January 2019


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Still Standing Together 2019