Health and Wellness Support & Programs

helping you get back on your feet.

Raising awareness for mental health, emotional support, self-care solutions, and traditional and nontraditional therapies. 

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Our Story

The Struggle is Real...Let's Face it TOGETHER.

We are a community-driven, empowerment organization dedicated to providing mental health and wellness support, resources, and tools that help individuals persevere through tough circumstances and thrive as a whole.  We create connections for personal journeys and among one another by providing the resources needed.    

Our Programs in SST

YOU are Worthy of Support. Uncover the Resources You Need to Succeed. 

Strength. Success. Support. 

These are our focuses to help get your the tools to progress past current circumstances. Part of our mission is also to inspire you to grow past struggles, limitations, fears, and challenging circumstances both internally and externally by providing educational tools, events and resources. You will find the support and encouragement you need.


Our Mission

Ongoing Support, Self-Discovery, Honest Conversation, and Endless Encouragement

Build self-awareness to sustain peace, happiness, and motivation and have a support system of people behind you rooting you on. 

Support System

Sometimes the people you need are the ones you least expect.  We want you to always feel like you have people to turn to and be there to continue to grow your support system throughout life.


Our goal is to help you make connections within yourself as well as connections with professionals, therapies, resources, solutions, and others who can relate with what you're going through.

Progress Tracking

Our goal is to help you move forward better prepared for what's next.  We continue to encourage you to utilize your talents and passions while being there for you through pain and setbacks with our resources, so you can accept new and different opportunities. 

Mental Health

Meeting needs to progress in your health starting with a strong mental health foundation.  Raising awareness, accessible solutions, and breaking the silence and stigma on mental health. Tackle tough topics that affect our mental health.


There is a fit for everyone at SST.  We aim to do more than explore the importance of a welcoming environment and the habits that create it -- we act on and celebrate differences while seeking opportunities to grow and learn.


We aim to provide a safe, confidential, compassionate, empathetic, and nonjudgmental environment to let your feelings out, learn tools to manage mental health, and make deep connections with your new, acccepting support system.

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Our ongoing opportunities include categories in Fitness + Movement,

Arts + Healing, Mindfulness, Natural Nourishment, and Support Groups.

Join Classes, Workshops, Support Groups, and One-On-Ones today!


Our Resources

Healing and Healthy Ways to Cope

At Still Standing Together, we offer an unparalleled support network that’s tailored to the changing needs of our community.

We strive to provide motivation and tools to move forward and guidance on how to overcome challenges through well-defined strategies and empowerment to discover what works best for each individual. We stay connected and continue to track progress throughout each other's journey with our Still Standing Podcast, Blog, and much more.



Support + Stories for Self-Discovery & Mental Health 

Hear from Founder and Host, Daniela Galdi, along with guest interviews that

provide deeper insight to help guide you on the next steps in your healing process and growth journey.

Learn what's new in health and wellness and tools and insight to help you along your personal journey. Hear stories of triumph.  Interview topics are derived from community feedback, self-strategies based on the application of tools learned through our classes, events, expertise, individual experience, or questions we observe in the world that need answers and bring about support to manage our wellbeing.

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Real people sharing real stories to help our community thrive and grow.

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Looking for specific modalities or training for your journey? 

Connect with our trusted Guest Professionals to further what you need.  Included are experts in traditional and nontraditional therapies, clinical therapists, health coaches, life coaches, mentors, spiritual guides, fitness teachers, and more.

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Spotify Playlist

What's playing on repeat matters for your mental health, mindset, and mood.  Check out our ongoing playlist filled with a variety of genres and positive, uplifting lyrics.  Then, subscribe to our newsletter for new playlists every month.

Online Community

We multi-media to help rather than harm our mental health so we share empowering messages of acceptance, love, and understanding through our platforms.  It's our way of bringing a smile to your face and strength to your mind.  We love sharing insight, quotes, emotional support, self-reflection, event updates, and spotlights of our strong, growing community.

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Annual Support Summit

On January 25, 2020, we held our First Annual Women's Support Summit in Cherry Hill, NJ bringing together all of our Support Group Leaders from 2019 to offer mental health guidance to our courageous attendees and award our first Still Standing Together Grant. 

*Due to the pandemic, we had to postpone 2021's Summit, but we'll be back in action for January 2022.

Still Standing Together Support Summit 2

Our Shop

Make Your Statement and Give Back While You Do.

Start your day with confidence and motivation or end it with reassurance and pride. Our Support & Self-Empowerment items are your personal daily reminder that no matter what struggles, obstacles or challenges facing you, you are still standing strong.  


10% of purchases goes towards our Still Standing Together Grant for Women.  Our annual Still Standing Together Grant offers empowering assistance and offsets financial costs to strengthen the recipient's personal development.